How to be Flea Free




This is the time of year to get out to enjoy getting outside in the sunshine with your best friend to walk off those extra holiday pounds. Try our flea shampoo made just for your doggy. Gentle lather with herbs pleasing to our noses – chases away the biting crawlies. Protect your dog and yourself with flea and ticks. Ticks, fleas, other creepy crawlies are jumping to have fun. Not on your precious puppy.

Here on We supply you with products to safely having fun while keeping the bugs off caringly. Keep bugs from biting by adding a wee bit of garlic or yeast into their food. The doggies love the taste, the bugs hate the way the dog tastes when they bite her. They flea away. Keep Puppy, puppy mom and dads happy. Keep doggy safe bugs free.
Remember to get a raincoat for those Springtime showers!
You have a new puppy this spring! We also have puppy training pads, organic natural foods, and dog snacks for training the new puppy family member to be a good dog.